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Baby Costumes

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Here's the scoop...

Halloween isn't Halloween without a costume. Your baby needs to have a costume too! This page has a lot of different costumes to choose from for your baby. Enjoy!

Bunny Suit, Hat and Booties Set Yellow 6-12 Months

Baby Bear Suit, Hat and Booties Set Rose 6-12 Months

Sweet Peas in a Pod Bunting (costume):newborn (0-6 months)

Red Hot Chili Pepper Bunting (costume):newborn (0-6 months)

Baby Minnie Costume (Size 3-12 months)

Baby Mickey Costume (Size 3-12 months)

Dalmation Plush Baby Bunting Set: Size 0-9 months

Marvel Spider-Man Infant Costume (Size 3-12 mos)

Marvel Hulk Infant Halloween Costume: (Size 3-12 mos)

Blue Clues Plush Infant Halloween Costume: (Size 3-12 mos)

Velour Bunny Jacket Blue 0-3 Months

Froggy Shoes

Piggy Shoes

Ladybug Shoes

Deluxe Princess Baby Bunting

Baby Bunting: Baa Baa Baby: Size (0-9) months

Sunflower Baby Bunting Costume

Costumes for your baby!

It's Halloween Baby!
Celebrate with your baby!