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Baby Music

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The music is what matters most...

Favorite CD

Baby's First: Beethoven
St. Clair Records

Children respond to music so well, it just seems logical that you should expose your child to starting at a young age.

Baby Einstein: Playtime Music Box

Baby Einstein: On the Farm

Baby Bach

Baby Beethoven

Baby Mozart

Baby Vivaldi

Baby Neptune

Baby Galileo

Baby Einstein: Lullaby Classics

Baby Santa

Build Your Baby's Brain

Baby's First: Classics
St. Clair Records

Baby's First Mozart
St. Clair Records

Baby's First Classics 2
St. Clair Records

Baby Sleep

Baby's First: Lullabies
St. Clair Records

The World's Best Bedtime Baby CD...Ever ~ First Whispers Classical Music
First Whispers

Baby Dance:Toddler's Jump on the Classics

Baby's First: Piano Music
St. Clair Records

It's Halloween Baby!
Celebrate with your baby!